Thursday, April 20, 2023

Kirkland, WA

These 490 cards (yeah that's a lot) were sent by Craig of Kirkland, Washington.  This is not a repost, this is in fact a new post.  It may just feel like one because this is the same Craig that sent 393 cards last month.  That a total of 883 Wallach cards sent by Craig in 2023 making him the early clubhouse leader for contributor of the year.  Sort of like shooting a couple of 59's on Thursday/Friday at the Masters.  Sure, some one could pass him, but it's unlikely.  Craig actually sent far more than 490 cards, it was 490 cards for purposes of this count.  Those stacks in the photo above are actually all checklist, a little over 200 of them, and they all have "Tim Wallach" printed on them somewhere.

Interesting as that is, I'm more into the actual Tim Wallach cards.  Photos of the rest of them are below.

Craig is nothing if not thorough.  In addition to the couple hundred checklist he sent, He included a good number of other cards that bear the words "Tim Wallach" on them somewhere, including Bob Rodgers Expos Manager cards, All-Star cards that include Wallach as on league leaders list for various NL statistical categories (something I wish Topps would bring back), a lot of Fleer Expos stickers, and pretty much anything that may include the name "Wallach" somewhere on it.  I don't include these in my "Collect Them All" running tally of Wallach cards, but I certainly appreciate them and the effort by Craig to pull them and send them my way.

(The Wells checklist are too nice to show the back instead of the front)

Thanks for the cards Craig!

Updated Totals:

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