Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1989 Topps #720

Card Review: 9.7  This design, as well the photo, has really grown on me over the last twenty plus years.  The Topps designs of this period have all aged very well, unlike those of their rivals.  In 1989 this design was probably my least favorite of the major card sets, which grew in number to six that year.  Like every other kid (and adult) in the country, I was infatuated with Upper Deck.  I also really liked the Donruss and Fleer designs.  To this day I still like the '89 Score set, though no where near as much as Topps, and at my young age I thought the over-sized Bowman cards were when they came out.  This Topps design was just too simple for me.  Now I view it as an iconic classic and easily my favorite from the year.

Fun Facts: *This card was given a "glamour" number.  Topps reserved card numbers ending in zero for the biggest stars.
Number of this card in my collection: 178
2012 update: 187
2013 update: 329 & 1/2  (blank front)
2014 update: 387
2015 update: 517
2016 update: 612
2017 update: 645
2018 update: 736
2019 update: 801
2020 update: 851
2021 update: 864
2022 update: 960
2023 update: 1,000
2024 update: 1,024

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