Most Wanted List

Ten Most Wanted Wallach Cards

#6. 2005 Rookie Cup Rookie Reprint Gold Refractor #/1

This is one of those cards I don't really expect to ever find.  I feel pretty fortunate to have one of the regular refractors which are only #'d to 15.  Chances are this is sitting unopened in a pack inside a box in some back room of a wholesaler somewhere.  There are still copious amounts of boxes of this stuff to be found for sale online.  If they ever drop to the $5/box range I may pick up a case or two.  But as it is, people still want $50+ per box.  Which is insane.  There is never going to be any demand for this stuff, it was a flavor of the week, and there's always a new one for the collector's who go for this stuff.  This would likely be higher on the list if my expectations of ever finding one weren't so low.  Chances are it will climb to #2 over time as I acquire the ones ahead of it.

#7. 1986 General Mills #6I


Other Needs (no particular order of priority)

2005 Rookie Cup #43 "Silver" #/5
2005 Rookie Cup #43 "Gold" #/1

These "Gold" and "Silver" variations are nowhere near as nice as the colored one's.  Perhaps that's why Topps didn't make many.  At least I'll know when I have them "all."

2005 Rookie Cup Platinum Plate #/1
2005 Rookie Cup Cyan Plate #/1
2005 Rookie Cup Magenta Plate #1
2005 Rookie Cup Yellow Plate #1

 These are the actual printing plates used in the manufacturing process.  I'm not sure I really consider them cards, but they were stuffed in to packs.  I assume these exists for any card ever made, but if they weren't put in packs they don't show up on checklist.

2004 Topps Original Signatures #TW1
2004 Topps Original Signatures #TW2
2004 Topps Original Signatures #TW3
2004 Topps Original Signatures #TW4
2004 Topps Original Signatures #TW5
2004 Topps Original Signatures #TW6

These are some other cards that I don't really consider to be unique cards.  For example the one on the left is a 1987 Topps.  Wallach signed it and someone numbered it 187.  I could recreate this at home.  The case is unique.  But I'm not interested in collecting cases.  On top of that, people charge upwards of $30 a pop for these.  I wouldn't pay you any more than 30 cents for an 1987 Topps card.

2009  Upper Deck '89 20th Anniversary Buy Back

I really hate these buybacks.  They're not new cards.  At least UD put some stamping on the front of these that I couldn't recreate at home, but I still feel like it's just a defaced card.

2010  Upper Deck '90 20th Anniversary Buy Back

More of the same crap.

2012 Leaf Memories Gold #/5
Acquired June 2014
2012 Leaf Memories Red #/1

I really hate this trend.

2013 Leaf Memories (unsure how many variations there are)

2014 Leaf Memories (unsure how many variations there are)

2017 Topps Archives Fan Favorites - Gold #1

2019 Topps Archives Expos - Black Auto #/1
2019 Topps Archives Expos - Red Auto #/10
2019 Topps Archives Expos - Black Foil #/1
2019 Topps Archives Expos - Gold Foil #/50
2019 Topps Archives Expos - Green Foil #/99


  1. The only difference between the OPC Tattoos and the Topps Tattoos is the copyright line. Of the copies I have in my Winfield collection, the OPC copy is a lot cleaner. The Topps copy seems as if there was a bit too much ink when it was printed.

    The 1991 Panini French sticker is a completely different design from the US version, and is about the same size as the US stickers from 1988-1990.

  2. I found someone who had a whole case of those 1990 Stars magnets. While Wallach is listed on the checklist there were no Wallaches in the case the guy had. I think that he was either not actually printed or maybe only distributed in Canada.

  3. have you had the chance to check the Wallach listings on