Saturday, June 28, 2014

2012 Leaf Memories #80 Gold Variation

Card Review: 7.8 (but really, just a middle finger to Leaf)  Let's be straight about this, this is a 1990 Leaf.  Literally.  It's not a new card, not a reprint, it's twenty four years old.  Leaf just put some new foil stamping on an old card.  In the card collecting world that I grew up in, that makes a card less valuable, not more.  For more on this money-grab of a set, read what I wrote about the "base" card by clicking this link.  Once again, my OCD forced me to pay $2 for this card on ebay, plus $3 in shipping (I'd be looking to rip people off too if I paid $135 for a 12-card "box" of these).  I didn't even like this set in 1990, and feel it has only gotten uglier over the decades.

This gold variation is only numbered to five.  Very fancy.  Now I have one.  And if I'm being honest, I won't hesitate to buy the other four.  Unless they go for the kind of insane prices the "Super Special" one of one went for.  Then I will hesitate, and let the other Wallach collector in Texas pick it up.

Number of this card in my collection": 1*


  1. I've managed to get three out of the five Coras. I also hate these and think it's a terrible gimmick but still begrudgingly scoop them up.