Thursday, June 13, 2013

"One" that got away

I didn't win this card.  My max bid was $12, and I felt really filthy about spending that much.  I was outbid with about 3 hours to go, and in all honestly it wasn't that hard to resist the urge to bid higher.  This card is #'d 1/1.  As in, it's the only one Leaf made.  Sort of.  As I've mentioned before, I have a lot of issues with this set.

This card is actually just a 1990 Leaf.  And I have a small stack of those.  This card was printed in 1990, put into a pack in 1990, shipped to a retailer in 1990, and opened by someone in 1990.  It then sat in some dudes box of 1990 leaf for 20 years before Leaf came calling last year and bought it back.

Then Leaf stamped it with some fancy new foil and #'d them out of 20, 5, and 1.  They did this with the whole set, and repacked it for $139 a box, a box containing all of 10 cards and 2 autographs.  It's not really a new card.  Usually if someone doctors a card, it loses value.  This applies to most art and collectibles.  I mean this isn't a case Dennis Hopper shooting a hole in a Warhol's Mao painting, and Andy then drawing around the hole.  This is some more or less defunct card company trying to pull off a sleazy marketing gimmick to rip off OCD collectors like myself.

I admit, I've bought two of these already (both #/20) because I can't help myself.  But there's a limit to the abuse I'm willing to subject myself to, and in this case it was $12.  So take a look at the picture of the "1/1" below.  It's the only one like it (sort of).  It will end up on my need list (which will be showing up once I post the last Wallach in my collection in a few months), but won't be very high on my want list (also forthcoming).


  1. I missed the Bill Virdon Heritage Buyback this year. It wasn't numbered 1/1 but since it was a high number in 64 I doubt they stamped more than one this year. The worse part about it isn't that it sold so high I wouldn't have bought it. It was sold with a BIN of $5 before I ever saw it. I just happened to see that there was a completed listing for it after the fact. I search eBay for Virdon about 10 times a day too, can't figure out how I missed it. It must have been listed and sold within minutes.