Friday, July 31, 2015

Oceanside, NY

This assortment of 134 Wallach cards arrived from Bo in Oceanside.  Above is just the label from the box they were sent in.  For some reason, it was unusually difficult for me to open (likely user error on my part), and I'm sad to report that the box did not survive the process.  Bo, I apologize for the delay in getting this post up, sometimes these larger packages take me longer to find the time to get to.

Included with the Wallach's were the seemingly random assortment of Larry Walkers, Denny Matrinezs, and a Tim Burke.  It took me longer than it should have to notice, but I finally figured out they were sent because Wallach appears in the background on each card.  Unless it's super obvious, I usually miss the cameos on cards.  Luckily for me there are people who are much better at it than I am.

Below are the actual Wallach cards.  I got a little lazy with the final scan, but trust me, they're all there.  Thank you very much Bo, they're greatly appreciated.

Updated Totals for cards sent:

1984 Topps: 193
1986 Topps x2: 212
1986 Topps AS: 427
1987 Donruss x3: 353
1987 Topps x6: 653
1988 Donruss x4: 624
1988 Fleer x2: 201
1988 Fleer MVP: 10
1988 Score: 204
1988 Topps: 498
1988 Topps AS x4: 489
1988 Topps Big x2: 44
1988 Topps Mini Leader: 26
1989 Bowman: 115
1989 Donruss: 252
1989 Fleer x3: 225
1989 K-Mart: 34
1989 Score x4: 137
1989 Topps x5: 475
1989 Topps Big:  11
1989 Upper Deck x2: 151
1990 Donruss: 276
1990 Fleer x3: 221
1990 Score: 157
1990 Topps x3: 317 
1990 Topps Big x2: 12
1990 Upper Deck: 178
1991 Donruss: 149
1991 Donruss MVP x3: 116
1991 Fleer x2: 115
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier x2: 47
1991 Score x2: 144
1991 Score Franchise x2: 105
1991 Stadium Club: 53
1991 Studio x4: 57
1991 Topps: 144
1991 Upper Deck x3: 190
1991 Upper Deck CL: 136
1992 Donruss: 125
1992 Fleer x2: 76
1992 Pinnacle: 73
1992 Ultra: 94
1992 Upper Deck: 191
1993 Donruss: 61
1993 Flair: 28
1993 Pinnacle: 25
1993 Score Select x7: 33
1993 Stadium Club x3: 38
1993 Ultra: 31
1993 Upper Deck x6: 80
1994 Collector's Choice: 25
1994 Leaf: 31
1994 Topps x2: 71
1994 Triple Play: 25
1994 Ultra: 31
1994 Upper Deck: 58
1995 Collector's Choice x4: 18
1995 Collector's Choice SE: 27
1995 Donruss x3: 26
1995 Topps Embossed: 10
1996 Donruss x3: 16
1996 Pinnacle x2: 28

Friday, July 24, 2015

St. Petersburg, FL

This card was sent by Dan in St. Petersburg, Florida.  It's the first card sent from St. Petersurg.  Thank you Dan, and good luck getting that '90 UD signed.

Check out Dan's blogs:

"Daily Autograph"

"Key's to the Batter's Box"

I now have 14 of this 1991 Denny's card, and nine of them have been sent in the mail.  I haven't verified this, but I suspect of cards I have at least ten of, this one probably has the highest percentage of cards obtained via reader submissions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Niceville, FL

This is at least the second time "Rafferty" from Niceville, FL has sent cards.  I suspect it's the third time, as there was one envelope from Niceville awhile back with an ineligible name and address.  Thank you for the cards, as always, they're very much appreciated.

Updated Totals:

1988 Topps Stickers: 19
1988 Topps Super Star: 12
1990 Topps Coints: 7
1990 Topps Super Star x2: 7
1993 Upper Deck: 74
1995 Collecto's Choice SE: 26

Friday, July 17, 2015

Game Worn (allegedly) Dodgers 2015 Memorial Day Jersey

I picked up this jersey from the MLB Auctions site.  This is Tim Wallach's "game worn" jersey from the Dodgers 6-3 win over the Braves on Memorial Day this year, May 25, 2015.  I'm not a huge fan of these "special" jersey's MLB seems to trot out for more and more occasions.  In fact I find it to be a bit of a vulgar marketing gimmick and affront to the integrity of many of the traditional teams' uniforms.  The Yankees, Dodgers, and other non-Marlin and Rays type franchises should not be degrading their uniforms in this manner.  Yet MLB knows suckers like me will open up their wallets for this stuff.  Granted, I'm a very high end sucker, and wouldn't shell out for a mere hat from the souvenir stand.  I go for the game worn stuff.

All self-important sanctimonious griping aside, this jersey is actually very nice looking in person.   It looks much better in hand than it does on t.v., the Dodger blue nicely compliments the camouflage (at least I think it's called camouflage, I'm not a big military surplus store shopper).

I'm also not sure it's fair to call this "game worn."  For one coaches don't "play" in the game.  That's a distinction that I'm willing to over look.  They're involved in the game, much more so than say a pitcher out in the bullpen who doesn't see any action, and far more than a paying spectator.  So that's not really my issue.  My issue is, that I don't think Tim Wallach ever wore this jersey.  From what I've seen this year, Wallach typically goes with a blue long sleeve coolbase Dodgers undershirt with the short sleeve Dodgers windbreaker on top.  Maybe he wears a jersey under it, but I kind of doubt it.  I mean, that seems warm enough, and who's going to know?  It's not like he's going to have to pinch hit.  Below all the jersey pictures, I've included some pictures from the Memorial Day game that these were worn.  The photos are from Jon SooHoo's Dodger Photo Blog.  I'm not sure if  I'm allowed to use them, but I didn't see anything that said I couldn't either.  So I'll leave them up until someone complains.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Michigan (Parts Unknown)

These four cards arrived rather anonymously earlier this month.  No return label, no note, no problem.  Disclosing your name is not required for submission of Wallach cards.  The post office stamp suggest (per google) that this envelope came through Pontiac, Michigan.  I won't be adding it to the map, but if the sender is reading this and wants his/her city added, feel free to email me.  And thank you for the cards.

updated totals:

1992 Bowman: 45
1992 Studio: 25
1994 Collector's Choice: 24
1994 Stadium Club: 28

Friday, July 10, 2015

Woodbury, MN

An envelope from Woodbury, MN can only mean one thing, cards from Jim of GCR & Dodgers First Base Coach.  This is the 6th time Jim has sent cards, but I believe the first time he has taken the opportunity to show off his stamp collection.  Five colorful 10¢ stamps certainly make for a more interesting envelope than one Liberty Bell forever stamp.  This postage practice gets my "stamp" of approval.

The above assortment counts as four Wallach cards.  That awesome looking Stadium Club is actually a card of proud Utica-Rome area product Andy Van Slyke.  I'm pretty sure Van Slyke went to New Hartford, which is just a fancy way of saying "not Utica," like Illion, Herkimer, or Mowhawk.  When I was a kid in Cooperstown my parents subscribed to the Oneonta paper for daily delivery, but the Utica-Dispatch was bought a few times a week too.  It's sports section had a daily chart of all the local guys playing any level of professional ball, and what their current averages were.  Van Slyke was the headliner for years, with Mark Lemke and Archie Cianfracco being the other guys I recall.  I always planned on joining that list, until I discovered I had an issue with good pitching, as in, I couldn't hit it.  While I'm bragging about my local area's high school products, I'd be remiss not to mention that Dave Cash was also a Utica guy, and Philip Pohl is currently playing in the minors.  Pohl is the first Cooperstown High School alum to ever be drafted.

Thank you for the cards Jim, and how about that former Isotope Joc Pederson, pretty good so far.

Here are the updated totals:

1994 Collector's Choice: 23
1995 Collector's Choice: 14
1995 Collector's Choice SE x2: 25

Thursday, July 9, 2015

1991 Score "Wrong Back" error

This is a 1991 Score "wrong back" error, with the back to a Jay Buhner card appearing in place of the normal Wallach card back.  I remember these errors being somewhat common in the late 80's and early 90's.  I never actually pulled one out of a pack, but just about every card shop I ever went in had at least one or two of these in there case.  They used to demand a pretty high price, $10-30 if I remember correctly.  This one didn't cost me much of anything.  To be honest I don't remember how I came into possession of this, it was stuck in a drawer to be posted and forgotten about for the last year or so.  It was either sent by a reader (sorry for not giving credit if that's the case) or bought for no more than a buck or two on ebay.

For book keeping purposes, I'm not counting this as a unique card, or towards the 1991 Score tally.  I'm just deeming it another oddball collectible. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada)

These ten cards were sent by regular contributor Ryan, from Nova Scotia.  His trademark recycled paper envelopes give him away.  With this now his eigth contribution to my efforts, I've started to suspect Ryan is just a very aggressive environmentalist, and sending so many Wallach's is just his way of keeping them out of landfills.  In any event, they're greatly appreciated.  Thank you Ryan.

Updated Totals:

1983 Donruss: 78
1988 Topps AS: 485
1990 Donruss: 275
1990 Leaf x2: 75
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier x2: 45
1991 Upper Deck: 187
1991 Upper Deck CL: 135
1994 Score: 50

Monday, July 6, 2015

San Jose, CA

This card was sent from James in San Jose, California.  James last sent cards in December of 2013.  This brings his all-time total up to five cards sent (if that's incorrect, please let me know James).  This is the second time in recent weeks that I've been sent a single card, so I know I'm repeating myself, but be it one card or hundred cards, they're all greatly appreciated.

Thank you James.

Updated Total: 647

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chicago, IL

This card was sent by Edgar in Chicago.  Thank you for the card Edgar, I really appreciate it. 

Updated Total:

1988 Topps: 456

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Antelope, CA

The above assortment of 39 cards were sent by Yeo of "One Man's Junk (Wax)."  Thanks for the cards, they're very much appreciated.  Yeo included a note explaining that he picked up the Walllach's on Just Commons while making a purchase for himself.  The Candiotti's were apparently sent in error and since he didn't have any use for extra '89 Donruss he sent them to me.  I'll be writing my blog address on the back of them and sending them to someone else who doesn't want them.  Maybe it'll become a thing, and they'll find their way back to Yeo at some point.  Or maybe the next person will just toss them in the trash.

Updated totals:

1982 Topps: 484
1983 Fleer x5: 95
1985 Donruss: 71
1986 Fleer: 101
1987 Donruss Opening Day: 24
1989 Score: 125
1990 Donruss: 266
1990 Score: 156
1990 Topps x5: 302
1991 Score x2: 142
1991 Score "Franchise": 103 
1991 Studio x3: 53
1991 Topps x3: 143
1992 Leaf Gold: 10
1992 Score: 52
1992 Topps: 136
1992 Triple Play: 56
1993 Bowman: 17
1993 Score Select Traded: 7 
1994 Score Select: 18
1995 Flair: 13
1995 Finest: 10

Monday, June 1, 2015

Chad Wallach 2014 Bowman Draft Scouts Breakouts #BSB-CW Die-Cut Refractor

Card Review: C+ The title to this card is way to long.  "1977 Topps" was a lot easier to say.  I mentioned it on the post for the base card from this set, but Chad is no longer with the Marlins.  He was dealt to the Reds for Mat Latos.  In addition to catching, Chad has been seeing a decent amount of time at first base so far this season.  He's playing for Cincinnati's high-A affiliate, the Daytona Turtugas.  This will blog will have updates when that changes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1979 Memphis Chicks Pocket Schedule

This is a 1979 Memphis Chicks pocket schedule.  It's larger than pocket schedules are today.  The bottom picture has a penny to give some perspective as to size.  There was also a team set issued by Memphis in 1979, but Wallach wasn't included as he was still playing college ball at the start of the season.  The closest thing I have to a Memphis card of Wallach is a 1993 set the team put out featuring former players who went on to be MLB all-stars.

After drafting Wallach 10th overall in the 1979 draft, the Expos sent Wallach to Memphis after he his Cal. St. Fullertan Titans won the College World Series.  At the time Memphis was the AA-affiliate of the Expos.  In 75 games in Memphis, Wallach batted .327 with 18 home runs. 

Managed by Billy Gardner, Memphis went 82-62 in the Southern League in 1979.  Eleven members of the 1979 Chicks went on to play in the major leagues, including Tim Raines, Charlie Lea, Bryn Smith, Tony Phillips, and Bill Gullickson.  A good number of those players also joined Wallach in AAA Denver during the 1980 season on what is widely considered one of the greatest minor league teams of all-time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2013 Leaf Memories #388 "Gold" #/5 (1991 Leaf with some post production defacing)

Card Review: Already reviewed, see 1991 Leaf
Some people like this stuff.  I am not one of those people.  My thoughts on this "Leaf Memories" crap are pretty well documented.  I'm sure the people that do enjoy this stuff are tired of me whinning about it and aren't really wrong if they say "just stop buying it if you hate it so much."  But I can't help myself, and I'm pretty sure Leaf is counting on me and others like me to not be able to help ourselves.  So they get to sell me the same card twice.  Congratulations on your "success" Leaf.  These early sets of yours really laid the foundation for the great new stuff your making today.  Or maybe not so much.

Number of this card in my collection: 1*

*plus 60 1991 Leaf, which the copy right on the back clearly shows the card above to be.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Allen, Texas

This large box of cards was sent by Nick in Allen, Texas.  With 511 cards it is far and away the largest package of cards I have ever been sent by a reader.  With such a large number of cards, numerous mile stones and "first" were hit, including:

* 100+ 1986 and 1989 Topps have now been sent in the mail.
* 1986 Topps Stickers, 1987 Topps Stickers, 1988 Starting Line-Up, 1995 Collector's Choice SE Silver, 1995 Score Hall of Gold, and 2010 Multi-Ad cards were all sent for the first time.
* 1988 Donruss reached 600+ total cards
* 1988 Score and 1989 Fleer reached 200+ total cards
* 1991 Fleer and 1991 Score "The Franchise" both reached 100+ total cards.

Thank you for the cards Nick, your generosity is greatly appreciated and really unbelievable.

Here are the cards sent and the updated totals for all of them:

1982 Donruss x2: 155
1982 Fleer: 63
1982 Topps x4: 483
1983 Donruss: 76
1984 Topps x2: 191
1985 Fleer: 60
1985 Topps: 234
1986 Donruss AS x11: 22
1986 Topps x14: 201
1986 Topps AS x12: 421
1986 Topps Stickers: 3
1987 Donruss x4: 348
1987 Fleer x7: 153
1987 Sportflics: 40
1987 Topps x16: 628
1988 Donruss x33: 612
1988 Donruss AS x2: 33
1988 Fleer: 196
1988 Score x10: 202
1988 Starting Line-Up: 2
1988 Topps x15: 475
1988 Topps AS x23: 423
1988 Topps Big x2: 42
1989 Donruss x19: 244
1989 Fleer x10: 203
1989 Score x2: 124
1989 Sportflics: 5
1989 Topps x25: 432
1989 Upper Deck x3: 148
1990 Bowman x10: 64
1990 Donruss x29: 261
1990 Fleer x13: 217
1990 Leaf x2: 70
1990 Score x14: 154
1990 Topps x6: 289
1990 Upper Deck x13: 173
1991 Donruss x10: 138
1991 Donruss MVP x6: 107
1991 Fleer x9: 101
1991 Leaf: 61
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier x7: 42
1991 Score x3: 140
1991 Score "Franchise" x3: 100
1991 Studio: 46
1991 Topps x7: 140
1991 Topps Micro: 6
1991 Ultra: 47
1991 Upper Deck x7: 180
1991 Upper Deck Checklist x23: 133
1992 Bowman USA Gold: 39
1992 Donruss x7: 124
1992 Fleer x7: 74
1992 Leaf x7: 57
1992 Pinnacle x13: 71
1992 Score x3: 50
1992 Stadium Club x7: 27
1992 Studio: 24
1992 Topps x5: 134
1992 Triple Play: 55
1992 Ultra: 92
1992 Upper Deck x19: 186
1993 Donruss x3: 60
1993 Leaf x7: 49
1993 Studio: 34
1993 Ultra x2: 30
1993 Upper Deck x8: 72
1994 Leaf x4: 30
1994 Topps x3: 69
1994 Upper Deck x2: 54
1995 Collector's Choice SE: 23
1995 Collector's Choice SE Silver x2: 9
1995 Donruss: 23
1995 Score Hall of Gold: 4
1995 Ultra x2: 31
1996 Collector's Choice Ser.I: 13
1996 Collector's Choice Ser.II: 15
1996 Flair Gold: 4
2005 Topps Rookie Cup Rookie Reprint: 11
2010 Isotopes Multi-Ad: 14

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Surprise, Arizona

These cards were sent by Dan from Surprise, Arizona.  Thank you for the cards Dan.  These cards are the first ones sent from Surprise and only the second from the State of Arizona.  Surprise is now represented on the map.

Speaking of "the map," Google recently made some "improvements" and my map has been all messed up ever since.  It used to be that when you clicked on the mailbox (in the right hand column of this page), it took you to the map of where cards have been sent from and it looked something like this:

However since Google implemented their "improvements," every time you click on a link to it, it appears like this:

You're forgiven if you can't tell, but that's an extreme close up of Nebraska.  I've tried setting the default view to no avail.  It keeps reverting back this shot of Nebraska.  If there any baseball card collector's out there who read this blog and also double has computer ne..,er, experts, I'd love some advice on fixing this problem.

In mean time, here are the updated totals for the cards Dan sent:

1988 Topps Super Star: 11
1991 Topps: 133
1992 Upper Deck: 167
1993 Topps: 98
1994 Ultra: 30

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Charleston, WV

These 12 cards (and one "cameo" card) were sent by Joe from Charleston, West Virginia.  That large rip in the envelope is not the result of me opening it.  It arrived in my mailbox that way.  Thankfully the cards were still intact and in one piece.  I receive a lot of plain white envelopes and this is only the second time I can recall one arriving in a compromised state.  The other one was a complete loss, arriving inside a separate post office envelope for damaged parcels and all the contents were missing.  All in all, the USPS has pretty good batting average and I've got no complaints.

The "cameo" card is a new one to me.  A reader recently sent me a list of a large number of cards Wallach makes cameo's on (the reader keeps track for everyone), and I have every intent of doing a post featuring them all at some point.  I'm just too lazy to dig them out of my stacks.

Thanks for the cards Joe.  Here are the updated totals:

1984 Topps: 189
1986 Sportflics: 9
1989 Topps: 407
1991 Donruss: 128
1992 Leaf: 50
1993 Topps Traded x2: 19
1993 Upper Deck: 64
1994 Pinnacle: 22
1994 Stadium Club: 27
1994 Studio: 15
1995 Leaf: 14

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sportlots Purchase

I picked up these 190 cards from a Sportlots seller.  I was actually on the site looking to fill in some gaps in my 1975 Topps set, but as is always the case, I couldn't make a purchase without also relieving the seller of his Wallach cards.

The packaging was a but unique.  Rather than use the standard white boxes to ship the cards, the seller wrapped them tightly in newspaper and book ended them with unopened packs of 1991 Donruss.  Is that really what it's come too?  Unopened packs of 1991 Donruss are more expendable than empty storage boxes?  I'm not complaining, the cards arrived safely, and I love vintage wax, but it certainly makes me raise an eyebrow.

With purchases I don't list all the updated totals, but do want to point out the following milestones:

*1983 Topps reaches 200+ cards
*1986 Topps reaches 400+ cards
*1988 Topps All-Star reaches 400+ cards