Thursday, August 4, 2011

1990 Upper Deck #273

Card Review: 9.4  A nice clean, simple card.  Thouhg it's mass produced, glossy junk, it's still very nice mass produced, glossy junk. This may be the closest thing Wallach has to a card with a batting cage shot, and it's been relgated to the back of the card.  A wider cropping of the back image would have made for a really great card front.

Fun Facts: *Tim Wallach finished 10th in the NL MVP voting in 1990
*Wallach won his 3rd Gold Glove in 1990
*Wallach was named to his 5th All-Star team in 1990.

Number of this card in my collection: 48
2012 update: 83
2013 update: 123
2014 update: 145
2015 update: 191
2016 update: 229
2017 update: 252
2018 update: 305
2019 update: 344
2020 update: 355

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