Friday, March 18, 2011

1994 Stadium Club #217

Card Review: 8.6 This card has a solid front design, but the back is heinous.  The way the name was done on these cards has not aged well.  But what I considered a so-so picture on the front at the time, as become one of my favorites.
Fun Facts: *The black #52 patch on the sleeve was a memorial to the late Tim Crews
* Wallach finished 18th in 1994 NL MVP voting
* Wallach was 10th in the NL in RBI's in 1994
* Wallach was the NL Comeback Player of the year in 1994
Number of this card in my collection: 5

2012 update: 9
2013 update: 18
2014 update: 24
2015 update: 28 
2016 update: 32
2017 update: 36
2018 update: 41

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