Thursday, March 24, 2011

1993 Flair #77

Card Review: 1.8 Just an all-around epic fail on the part of Flair.  The stock is way too thick, the gloss is out of control, and the photo's look like a bad j.c. penny's spread.  It doesn't even feel like a baseball card when you hold it.
Fun Facts: *1993 was Wallach's first with the Dodgers
*I never bought so much as a single pack of this crap, it was sets like this that ruined card collecting
Number of this card in my collection: 6
2012 update: 7
2013 update: 16
2014 update: 19 
2015 update: 28 
2016 update: 32
2017 update: 34
2018 update: 37
2019 update: 38

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