Monday, March 28, 2011

1988 Fleer #198

Card Review: 5.9  I remember thinking this was a lame design even as a nine year old back in 1988.  This particular card is not helped by a poor, off-centered photo.  It's almost as if he's leaning just to fit onto the card.  In fairness, Fleer did a better job with the box-bottom '88 Wallach.  The design actually seems to look better (they're identical), which speaks to the difference a good photo can make.

Fun Facts: *Wallach won his 2nd of 3 Gold Gloves in 1988.
*Wallach's 123 putouts led all NL third basemen

Number of this card in my collection: 5
2012 update: 129
2013 update: 169
2014 update: 188
2015 update: 210 
2016 update: 220
2017 update: 228
2018 update: 292
2019 update: 306

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