Thursday, February 17, 2011

1991 Upper Deck #235

Card Review: 9.8  This is my favorite Upper Deck card of Wallach.  Great bright colors, nice contrast in front/back photos with red/blue jersey and action/candid shots.
Fun Facts: *As far as I can tell #29 red Montreal mesh jersey's do not exists in the ebay universe (I've been looking for years)
* Tim was the first to reach Dennis Martinez on the mound after the final out of his Perfect Game on July 28, 1991
*Tim used the same glove for the last 14 plus years of his career.  Cooperstown asked for it upon his retirement and he politely declined.
Number of this card in my collection: 77
2012 update: 81
2013 update: 129
2014 update: 159
2015 update: 212 
2016 update: 250
2017 update: 272
2018 update: 279
2019 update: 325
2020 update: 348

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