Monday, June 13, 2011

1982 Fleer #210

Card Review: 9.4 I like the backs of '82 Fleer better than the fronts (which have a weird waxy feel to them).  The first one of these I got was at my local card shop "The Batter's Box" in Phoenix.  I had literally just asked the guy for it, and he got annoyed, because I was like 7 and had asked once a week for six months straight.  Then some kid came in with a couple of cards to sell so the dealer told me to get lost.  One of the cards the kid had was this one.  The dealer rudely dismissed all the kid's cards as crap but told the kid he'd take the '82 Fleer Wallach, "I'll give ya a quarter, it's not like anyone collects Wallachs."  The kid took the offer and the guy turned to me, still in earshot of the kid, and said "one dollar."  He wasn't trying to be funny.  In the history of human civilization, I'm not sure there has ever been a bigger collection of dirt bags, than 1980's baseball card shop owners.

Number of this card in my collection: 26
2012 update: 37
2013 update: 57
2014 update: 60
2015 update: 70 
2016 update: 79
2017 update: 242
2018 update: 248
2019 update: 382
2020 update: 456
2021 update: 457
2022 update: 462
2023 update: 465
2024 update: 486

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