Non-Card Need List

Most of the items on this list show up in online databases of Wallach cards.  I don't consider them to be baseball cards, and as such am not including them on my "Need List."  That doesn't mean I wouldn't add them to my Wallach collection, I just don't view them as cards.  Subsequently, they are of much lower priority.

In addition to these specific items,  I am always interested in anything Wallach related, be it a game worn item, or obscure odd-ball items such as a Slurpee cup or pencil or whatever you may have.

Non-Card Needs

1981 Expos Postcards #16

The Expos put out a post card set every year.  Maybe I'm nuts, but think there's an inherent difference between a post card and a baseball card, and as such am not counting these as "baseball cards."

1982 Expos Postcards #40

1983 Expos Postcards #34
1984 Expos Postcards #35
1984 Expos Postcards #35 (Canadian Version)
1985 Expos Postcards # ?
1986 Expos Postcards #17
1987 Expos Postcards #32
1988 Expos Postcards #33
1989 Expos Postcards #29
1990 Expos Postcards #37

1986 Provigio Posters #10

That's obviously Tim Raines, not the Wallach on the left, but it's the closest thing to a sample I could find.


1986 All-Star Buttons #117

That photo may or may not be what these are, but it seemed the most likely candidate from the results of a google image search.

1989 T.V. Sports Mailbag 8x10 #16
I'm aware that the picture below is of Greg Maddux, if you find a sample picture of the Wallach (or better yet the actual Wallach) go ahead and send it my way.

1992 Hit the Bookmarks #136
These aren't that rare.  Chances are there's one on ebay now.  These don't have pictures, or team logos, or anything beyond a facsimile signature of the player.  I really don't even want one, but the OCD in me demands that I put it here and will likely lead to the purchase of one ultimately.

1994 Dodgers Daily News Fold-out

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