Friday, November 30, 2012

1990 Topps Double Headers #68

Card Review: N/A I could have this thing mis-labeled.  I'm not sure it's actually from 1990, and I have no idea where the #68 comes from.  But the guy I bought it from had it labeled that way, so I'm going with it.

I'm only reluctantly calling this a card.  I've seen one opened online and the picture inside is as thin as a page in a low quality magazine.  I'm pretty sure they were sold in packs of 1.

These are pretty low quality.  The pictures are crummy, and the plastic is foggy.  I'm not surprised Topps ditched this concept.

<------ An Attempt to shoot it in the mirror.   

Number in my collection: 1
2016 update: 2


  1. Looks like they were 1989:

  2. I take that back, there were different years. I guess it is 1990, sorry.