Thursday, April 14, 2011

1989 Bowman #362

Card Review:  5.0 It took about a week for these large cards to go from cool to pain in the ass.  It was also a challenge for me as a 9 year old to read some of the signatures on the front that are used in lieu of names.
Fun Facts: *This was the 1st Bowman set since 1955.
*Topps owned Bowman in 1989, so was it even really a "Bowman" set.
*The cards were larger than normal cards.  Allegedly an old Bowman set was also this size
Number of this card in my collection: 11
2012 update: 13
2013 update: 79
2014 update: 113
2015 update: 120 
2016 update: 137
2017 update: 143
2018 update: 152
2019 update: 172
2020 update: 180

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