Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Leaf Memories #80

Card Review: 7.9  Let's be straight, this is a 1990 Leaf.  Literally.  Leaf at some point confused a relative low production run with popularity and has taken to calling this bland/boring design iconic and groundbreaking.  I think they're confusing it with 1989 Upper Deck.  In any event, they bought a bunch of them back, stamped them with foil, and are reselling them at obscene prices.  Talk about balls. The following is lifted straight from the Leaf website (click for the full write-up):

"In the 20th Century, there are a number of sets which clearly stand out as both noteworthy and universally loved, 1990 Leaf was definitely one such set...Leaf’s last 2012 release is a salute to one of baseball’s greatest sets. With that, we introduce 2012 LEAF MEMORIES BASEBALL.
This exciting set is a wonderful combination of both original 1990 Leaf buybacks (specially foil stamped and numbered) and cards that never were in 1990 Leaf."

I don't know anyone that loves this set.  As kids, we all hated it, thought it heinous, it still is, it was just briefly desirable because of the price tag that went with it, and being from Cooperstown we got ton if it for free (Hall of Fame tie in with Donruss/Leaf, a friends dad was a bigwig w/the museum).

If you want to buy any of this crap, it's on sale for $134.95 a box.  Each box has 10 cards and 2 autographs.  If you do, let me know, and I'll send you a free red "Sucker" stamp to put on your forehead.  I'm still from the school of thought that says post-production additions to cards detract from them, be it a black sharpie drawn beard, or a silver stamp that reads "Leaf Memories."

Number of this card in my collection: 1 

2013 update: 4
2015 update: 5 


  1. Don't hold back, man, tell us how you really feel about 1990 Leaf.

  2. I don't even really dislike '90 Leaf all that much. It's just sort of another bland, anonymous set from the era. Sure it's the 1st Leaf set that wasn't just Donruss with French on it, but I don't hear many people lamenting the loss of the Leaf sets. "Man, I sure do miss Leaf!"

    I just don't like these money-grab sets in general, and this one is one of the worst I've seen. And for them to self-gloss like that about the glory of 1990 Leaf is just ridiculous. Hopefully this isn't the start of a trend, because I could do without '92 Donruss being stamped and sold at $150 for a box of 10 cards. Because I of course will then I have to track down the Wallach's on ebay.