Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Royal Oak, MD

These cards arrived from Elizabeth in Royal Oak, Maryland.  I believe Elizabeth is the first female to send cards.  She emailed me ahead of time to make sure I was still actively seeking Wallach cards, and informed me "And yes, girls collected baseball cards too."  For the record, I had made no assertions to the contrary, implicit, implied, or imagined.

Thanks for the cards Elizabeth.  Royal Oak, MD has been added to the map.  Your move Royal Oak, Michigan.

Updated Totals for cards sent:

1983 Fleer: 74
1986 Topps x2: 155
1986 Topps AS: 309
1986 Topps Sticker: 2
1988 Topps x2: 436
1990 Fleer x2: 184
1990 Upper Deck x2: 130
1991 Denny's: 10

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