Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Rookie Reprint Refractor #191

Card Review: 9.6  I really like this card.  It's the kind of treatment Wallach's iconic rookie deserves.  I figured the Chrome version only numbered to 25 had to be fanciest of these, but I was wrong.  This card also set a new high dollar mark for me as far as buying Wallach's goes.  $11.61 on ebay.

The reproduction of the '82 white border lends itself very well to the refractor treatment.  Of the five Wallach refractors, this one is the best looking by a wide margin.  It even scans better than the rest.  I've never collected an insert subset, or least not a modern one (I admit, I was a huge fan of some of Fleer's subsets in the 80's and early 90's like Pro-Visions and Headliners), but I'm half-way tempted to chase down more of these rookie reprint refractors.  I probably never will given they're priced like early 50's Topps, but who knows.  I'll add it to my list of things I might do.

Number of this card in my collection: 1 (14 more to go)

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