Monday, July 23, 2012

1994 Topps Finest #361 Refractor


Card Review: 6.5  It doesn't show up well in the scan, but this is in fact a refractor.  You can see the difference best on the sleeve of his throwing arm.  I guess I never understood the whole Topps Finest thing.  To me, these seem more akin to the Topps Coins than a Topps Baseball Card.  They never had much appeal to me, even at the time, I remember them being pretty popular (and crazy expensive), but I never felt like I was missing out on anything by not buying any.

These '94 Finest Refractor's are far cheaper than their '93 counterparts, but I've found they're also harder to come by.  I see '93 Refractor's pop up on ebay on a regular basis, the fact I only have one copy is a result of the price they demand (1 refractor for $30, or 300 80's Topps base cards is an easy choice for me).  These '94, and 95's as well, rarely show up in the ebay search feed.

Number of this card in my collection: 1
2013 update: 2
2014 update: n/a
2015 update: n/a
2016 update: n/a

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