Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1990 Donruss #220

Card Review: 9.3  I know I'm in the minority, but 1990 Donruss is sort of a guilty pleasure for me.  I've always liked this set.  It was first '90 set that I saw that year.  My father surprised my brother and I with a box of the stuff before I even knew it was out.  As result of his early purchase, we ended up with dozens of the error cards, which were briefly a hot commodity.

Fun Facts: *It's widely believed Donruss intentionally produced errors in this set, such as the Juan Gonzalez reverse negative, following the frenzy over the 1989 Upper Deck Dale Murphy error.
*They would have been wiser to mimic Upper Decks clean design, quality photo's, and premium printing inks.
*The frenzy over rare "error cards" probably led to the birth of the "insert" and the subsequent death of the baseball card market
*It's unknown who these knuckle heads were that thought "errors" were a good thing

Number of this card in my collection: 97
2012 update: 105
2013 update: 177
2014 update: 214
2015 update: 305 
2016 update: 350
2017 update: 398
2018 update: 427
2019 update: 469
2020 update: 533
2021 update: 542
2022 update: 575
2023 update: 592
2024 update: 620

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