Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1992 Topps #385

Card Review: 8.8  This isn't the best photo selection, but overall  it's a nice enough card.  The design is alright, though I'm not wild about the white card stock.  Then again, it's preferable to the back of every Topps set to come out since.
Fun Facts: *1992 was the last Topps set not to feature full gloss on the back of the cards
*1992 was the first Topps set to have full color backs, and white card board stock
*Most of the '92 Topps cards featured panoramic shots of the players stadium on the bottom of the card back
*Cards ending in the numbers "0" and "5" were considered "glamour #'s" and Topps reserved them for the biggest stars.
Number of this card in my collection: 34
7/28 update: 35 via Topps Diamond Anniversary Giveaway
2012 update: 41
2013 update: 91
2014 update: 124
2015 update: 158
2016 update: 176
2017 update: 185
2018 update: 211
2019 update: 250
2020 update: 260
2021 update: 291
2022 update: 318

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