Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1986 Topps #685

Card Review: 9.3  As a whole I like the '86 Topps design.  It features a nice assortment of photography (somehow making pre-game catch look intersting), and has a simple clean design that's both new and full of past Topps elements.  The Pete Rose subset to start the set was also my first exposure to many of the 1970's Topps designs.  I particularly like the cards with the team names in red lettering at the top.  However the blue "Expos" lettering with the contrasting blue uniforms just doesn't work for me.  The Expos cards with players in the home white uniforms look much better.

 In addition to my complaints about the colors, I've just never been wild about the way this photo was cropped.  Wallach just looks too small on the card.  My final complaint, is that the photo is too similar to the photo's used on the 1984 and '85 Topps Wallach cards.  That said, despite all these complaints, this is still what I consider to be a classic Wallach card.

Number of this card in my collection: 44
2012 update: 83
2013 update: 139
2014 update: 164
2015 update: 238 
2016 update: 285
2017 update: 295
2018 update: 312
2019 update: 422
2020 update: 440
2021 update: 468
2022 update: 536
2023 update: 574
2024 update: 587

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