Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1986 Donruss #219

Card Review: 9.0  I find this to be one of the better Donruss designs of the 80's.  The bat isn't set very high, but this set has aged pretty well.  To me it has a very Max Headroom room type feel, and just screams 80's without being tacky.
Fun Facts: *1986 snapped a four year streak of leading the NL third baseman in defensive put outs.  Tim was 4th in 1986 due to a year long nagging injury that cost him some games.
*This is one of only 2 Donruss cards of the 1980's to feature Tim in a live at-bat.
Number of this card in my collection:  6
2012 update: 55
2013 update: 97
2014 update: 104
2015 update: 114
2016 update: 136  
2017 update: 142
2018 update: 143
2019 update: 160
2020 update: 169
2021 update: 171

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