Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1987 Topps #55

Card Review: 9.9  This is on the short list for my all-time favorite Tim Wallach card.  Ultimately, I don't think it walks away with that title, but it's certainly top 5, if not top 3.

1987 Topps wasn't the first set I actively collected, but it's the first year I remember the majority of my friends collecting.  For the few years prior to '87, my trading expierences consisted of getting ripped off by the older kids in the neighborhood, by trading away super stars for Wallach's and anyone else in an Expos uniform.  1987 was my first chance to get ripped off by kids my own age.  That's a bit of a stretch I guess, because even back then I was already gaining a bit of a reputation as a stat and trivia savant, at least amongst my peers.  So the Yount for Wallach trades weren't being made out of ignorance, I just would rather of had the Wallach.

In any event, I'm of the age that I consider 1987 Topps one of the all-time great sets.  I have nothing bad to say about this card.  If forced to, I'll offer this, the "On This Date" blurb on the back should be tied into the Expos or Wallach.

Fun Facts: *Tim led the NL in doubles and game-winning RBI's in '87
*Tim was 2nd in the NL with 123 RBI's in '87
*Wallach gave up 1 hit and no-runs in one inning of pitching for the Expos in '87
Number of this card in my collection: 288
2012 update: 408
2013 update: 510
2014 update: 588
2015 update: 701 
2016 update: 786
2017 update: 818
2018 update: 918
2019 update: 961
2020 update: 1,025
2021 update: 1,029
2022 update: 1,145
2023 update: 1,180

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