Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1990 Topps #370

Card Review: 9.0  Not a great picture on this card, but I find it to be a Topps design that has aged very well.  From the taxi cab checkers on the back to the perfect period design on the front, I find it to be similar to the the way the '68 and '72 designs fit the year.  I would have just preferred a different photo to go with the great design.  I know this upsets some collector's to no end, but I really find the '90 Topps set to be the sister design to the '75 set.

Fun Facts: *Tim's 2003 Topps fan favorites card was done in the mold of the '90 Topps (and featured much better photo selection)
* Tim was an an All-Star, won a Gold-Glove, and finished 10th in MVP voting in 1990
* Despite being an All-Star and Gold-Glove winner in '89 Tim was not featured on an All-Star card in the 1990 set. 

Number of this card in my collection: 130
2012 update: 136
2013 update: 205
2014 update: 252
2015 update: 353 
2016 update: 407
2017 update: 447
2018 update: 503
2019 update: 554
2020 update: 617
2021 update: 642
2022 update: 704

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  1. Tiny Topps Tim Wallach rookie card #192 other side Topps 1990 #370