Saturday, February 12, 2011

1986 Topps #703 N.L. All-Star

Card Review: 9.3  This clean, simple design and boring photo is fine for an All-Star card card.  This was card was immediatly remains one of my favorites upon first pulling it from a pack in 1986, and remains so today.  I always loved the Topps All-Star subsets, and more often than not was dissappointed when Wallach wasn't included.  There was in fact, no correlation between being an actual All-Star and inclusion in the Topps All-Star subset.  A fact that eluded me until nearly twenty years later.  So the fact that Wallach was only included twice despite being a 5x All-Star, was not an "omission" by Topps.

Fun Facts: *Tim's first depiction on a Topps All-Star card
* 1985 was Tim's 2nd All-Star Game
*went 1/2 with a double, run scored, and intentional walk in '85 All-Star Game
*This photo (or photos from this same shoot) were used on a couple of other cards.

Number of this card in my collection: 59
2012 update: 90
2013 update: 295
2014 update: 392
2015 update: 445 
2016 update: 583
2017 update: 598
2018 update: 626
2019 update: 692
2020 update: 709
2021 update: 737
2022 update: 772
2023 update: 790
2024 update: 813

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