Monday, February 21, 2011

1985 Topps #473

Card Review: 10.0  A near perfect card, great design, great colors, on the short list for my all-time favorite Wallach.  Too bad it wasn't in the home whites, but then it may not have been an outdoor photo.  The '85 Topps set will always have some sentimental value for me.  While not the first set I collected, it was the first set I was old enough to trade with other kids.  It was also when I learned the valuable lesson that while marking cards with a "C" or "T" to differentiate between my cards and my brothers cards made at sense at home, it was not helpful for trading with other kids.  I nearly brought a an older Brewers fan to tears with my Young marked with a large, poorly written, red magic marker "C" in the corner.

Fun Facts: *Tim made his first All-Star Team in '84, but was not included '85 Topps All-Star subset. Which sucks, and riles me up, because it was a great looking All-Star card in '85.
*Tim won a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger in '85.
* Tim was named to the NL All-Star team for the 2nd time in 1985
* This was the 2nd Tim Wallach in my collection, added to a wrinkled '83 Topps in a bin of G.I. Joe's and He-Men.

Number of this card in my collection: 42.75  (one is badly off-centered on the top/bottom)
2012 update: 159
2013 update: 219
2014 update: 229
2015 update: 256 
2016 update: 281
2017 update: 284
2018 update: 300
2019 update: 359
2020 update: 382
2021 update: 474
2022 update: 496
2023 update: 511

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