Friday, February 18, 2011

1988 Topps #560

Card Review: 9.9   Perhaps the single best photo Topps ever used for a Tim Wallach base card is the one on this card.  Coming off a monster season in 1987, it appears Topps put a little extra effort into Wallach's card, giving him the glamour number as well.  Toss in one of my all-time favorite Topps designs, and you have the recipe for a classic card.

If I'm being honest, I have to admit that at the time this was not one of my favorite Wallach cards.  I didn't dislike it by any means, but it wasn't on my short list for favorite all-time card.  Over last 25 years this card, and this set, has really grown on me.  I put it in my Top 5 and depending on my mood it gets consideration for #1 (though sentimentality will always have me go with 1983 Topps when pushed on the subject.

Fun Facts: *1988 was the first year Topps gave Tim a card # ending in "0", one of 4 he would receive
* 1988 was the 3rd of 8 straight years Topps would put Tim on a card # ending in "0" or "5," the so called "Glamour #'s" reserved for the biggest stars.
* This card was reproduced on a giant 8x11 school folder along with other mega-stars from the set

Number of this card in my collection: 125
2012 update: 138
2013 update: 403
2014 update: 442
2015 update: 536
2016 update: 602
2017 update: 625
2018 update: 700
2019 update: 745
2020 update: 796
2021 update: 798
2022 update: 874
2023 update: 938
2024 update: 939

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