Friday, May 24, 2013

1988 Sportflics #151

Card Review: 6.3  I'm no fan of Sportflics, even when I was young I didn't really care for them, but this is probably the best looking set they put out during their brief existence.   The back is pretty clean looking with complete career stats, and the way the name changes color is sort of cool.  You can't tell in the scan, but when you rotate the card to see the three different images the name at the bottom changes from white, to baby blue to dark blue while the red border remains the same.  It works much better than the actual pictures which all tend to bleed together.

Number of this card in my collection: 3
2013 update: 4
2014 update: 6
2015 update: 8 
2016 update: 9
2017 update: n/a
2018 update: n/a
2019 update: n/a
2020 update: 11
2021 update: n/a
2022 update: 12
2023 update: 19

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