Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Kirkland, WA

This large mailing of 373 Wallach cards arrived in my mailbox recently courtesy of Craig, from Kirkland, Washington.  Included with the cards was a nice note.  Craig used to watch Wallach play in the Alaskan Summer League back when Wallach was playing at Cal-St. Fullerton.  I assume that's why he had so many Wallach cards to send.  Or he was just an enormous fan of 1990 Fleer.

It was a Fleer heavy assortment as you can see, with a few others mixed in.  The 1988 Box Bottoms are always a welcomed addition.

Aside from Topps, which suffers from poor photo selection (the Wallach card, not the set), 1991 was a terrific year for Wallach cards.  Two each in Donruss and Upper Deck, and all four of them are great looking cards (with Gary Carter making a welcome cameo in the Donruss base card), and 1991 Fleer being one of my all-time favorite designs and nailing the photo with a nice clear picture.  This box was loaded with 91's.

I've always found 1989 Score to be oddly elusive.  It's a card I've always really liked and never pass on an opportunity to buy in bulk when it's available, but it's just not readily available in large quantities very often.  There were 33 copies of it in this mailing, which was a pleasant surprise to find.

That's 21 copies of 1988 Topps Big above, which may be the most of that card that I've ever added at once.  Thanks for the cards Craig.  They're greatly appreciated.

Updated Totals:

Also included with the cards, was an enormous amount of Expos stickers, checklist featuring the Expos, Expos Team Leader cards, and a few Buck Rogers managerial cards.

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  1. Wow. Hard to believe there are still people out there sitting on all those Wallachs.

    The '89 Score Wallach was in one of the few packs of Score I bought that year, it's one of my most familiar '89 Score cards.