Monday, June 6, 2011

1985 Fleer #412

Card Review: 9.7  I have a soft spot for this set.  I remember walking to the grocery store with my mother and younger brother in 1985, and I'd get a cello-pack of '85 Fleer and my brother would usually get a candy or ice-cream bar.  It was the first year I was really buying cards of my on volition and not having them given to me.  I still think this set has held up well, and the colors contrast nicely with the gray borders.

As for this card itself, it's really a nice photo, something different from the standard batting or fielding shot.  It's one of the better action shots of Wallach to ever show up on a card.

Fun Facts:  I'm 95% sure this was the 3rd Tim Wallach card I ever had, after the '83 Topps and '85 Topps.  I may of had the '84 Fleer prior to this one, but I don't recall for certain.

Number of this card in my collection: 8
2011 update: 15
2012 update: 27
2013 update: 45
2014 update: 48
2015 update: 64
2016 update: 68
2017 update: 69
2018 update: 106
2019 update: 121
2020 update: 131
2021 update: 141
2022 update: 151
2023 update: 155
2024 update: 164

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