Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1992 Fleer #494

Card Review: 8.4  I remember really liking this set back in 1992.  As was the case in '91, I bought a ton of these trying to pull "Pro-Vision" cards, a subset of cards depicting paintings of various players.  I still love the "Pro-Vision" cards, especially the black bordered ones in the '91 set.  Sadly, Wallach was never given the "Pro-Vision" treatment by Fleer.

As much as I may have liked this set as an eleven year old in 1992, I can't say with any conviction that's it's aged very well.  The photos on the front are too small, with way too much space being consumed by the green and (unnecessary) white on the border. 

Number of this card in my collection: 11
2012 update: 18
2013 update: 42
2014 update: 64
2015 update: 82 
2016 update: 90
2017 update: 98
2018 update: 116
2019 update: 179
2020 update: 190
2021 update: 195
2022 update: 205
2023 update: 212

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