Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1988 Score #70

Card Review:
9.1  I've never been wild about this photo, or the baby blue uniform/purple border combo, but all in all a good looking card.  I remember this set being a major event at the time.  It was the first  new"real," set to come out in seven years.  A year later Bowman and Upper Deck would put out sets and things would go wild from there, but in '88, Score was a wild concept.  I distinctly remember the feel of the plastic "bags" packs came in.
Fun Facts: *This was the first set ever put out by Score.
*Score opted to package their cards in white plastic bags rather than the wax used by Topps, Donruss, and Fleer
*Score put "sportsflix" style square trivia cards in their packs in lieu of gum, stickers, or puzzle pieces
*A year later Bowman and Upper Deck would put out sets bringing the number of available base sets on the market to 6
Number of this card in my collection: 89
2012 update: 115
2013 update: 174
2014 update: 189
2015 update: 214
2016 update: 233
2017 update: 245
2018 update: 259
2019 update: 294
2020 update: 322
2021 update: 324
2022 update: 334
2023 update: 363
2024 update: 371

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