Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1989 Upper Deck #102

Card Review: 9.7  Initially I was disappointed with this card.  My father was so impressed with these "new" cards that he went out and bought my brother and I an entire box, something he never did.  We tore through it and didn't pull a single Wallach. The photography in this set was pretty cool, with some really unique shots.  Based on what I was seeing,  I had really high hopes for the Wallach.  So my initial reaction upon pulling this card was a bit of disappointment.  However, it's grown on me over-time, and has actually become one of my favorite Wallach cards.  But as an 9 year old, it was a bit of a let down.

Like every other kid in the country, I was infatuated with Upper Deck in 1989.  That infatuation did not last, and by the mid-90's I had all but stopped collecting cards.  This had a lot to do with starting high school, but it also had a lot to do with what Upper Deck did to the traditional baseball card with it's introduction of the "premium" card.  I still hate the glossy card, like the one's Topps does today.  I'm sure they would have gone that direction eventually, but I can't help but think Upper Deck sped up the process.  I hate Upper Deck.  But there's no denying the historical significance of this set, and that as a whole is very nice looking one.

This card was also the first Wallach card I ever obtained 9 copies of.  This was important at the time, because back then I kept them all in 9 page sleeves in 3-ring binders.  So this was the first card I was ever able to completely fill a page with.

Number of this card in my collection: 39
2012 update: 43
2013 update: 74
2014 update: 136
2015 update: 162
2016 update: 176
2017 update: 180
2018 update: 190
2019 update: 212
2020 update: 270
2021 update: 278
2022 update: 291
2023 update: 304
2024 update: 314

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