Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1992 Donruss #34

Card Review: 2.5 It's hard to say for sure the exact point the card collecting hobby was ruined (or at least forever changed from it's original roots), but the '92 Donruss set is certainly a good starting point.  This set was a drastic change from previous Donruss designs, and just an epic failure on so many levels.  This card looks less legitimate than the Diet Pepsi give-aways from the same year.

In the interest of fairness I feel I must acknowledge two points about this set.  The first is my own personal bias.  I liked the standard Donruss cards of the previous decade that had more or less identical backs every year.  I even liked '91 Donruss.  So when something that I like and am very familiar with changes in such a drastic manner, it's going to be difficult for me to give the new design a fair shake.  The second point I need to make is that over the last few years I've seen a good number of cards from this set showing up on various blogs, and I often find myself saying "that's a great photo."  I had a ton of these as a kid, mostly due to the spoiled kid up the street buying copious amounts chasing the inserts and giving away all the "commons."  But I don't remember thinking much of the photography at the time.

So that said, while I still hate this set and find the Wallach to be one of the worse looking cards in the set, it may not be the worst thing ever printed (but it still might get my vote.)

Number of this card in my collection: 53
2012 update: 60
2013 update: 90
2014 update: 107
2015 update: 139
2016 update: 155
2017 update: 170
2018 update: 210
2019 update: 234
2020 update: 253
2021 update: 254
2022 update: 322
2023 update: 327

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  1. I really don't blame you one bit. Certainly one of the most overproduced sets of all time. Still, I'm a fan.