Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1991 Score #865

Card Review: 9.8 I loved this card when it was released. Not only did I like the card itself, which I still think is a nice design, but for the fact Score went with Wallach.  As a result, there were two Wallachs to be had in the set, which doubled my chances of pulling one from a pack of cards.  I bought a lot of Score in '91 as a result.

"The Franchise" subset featured one player from each team, and after years getting snubbed for Diamond Kings and the like, it was nice to finally see Wallach get included in a few of these sets in '91.  Score also did a very nice job with the write up on the back.

Fun Facts: *On the back of the card Expos Manager Buck Rodgers is quoted saying; "He's a blue-collar worker who grinds it out every day.  He doesn't mind getting dirty.  He beats you with his glove.  He beats you with his bat."
Number of this card in my collection: 39
2012 update: 42
2013 update: 69
2014 update: 81
2015 update: 124
2016 update: 143
2017 update: 178
2018 update: 193
2019 update: 228
2020 update: 235
2021 update: 237
2022 update: 301
2023 update: 316
2024 update: 346

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