Thursday, March 31, 2011

1983 Fleer #299

Card Review: 9.6 This set, and in particular this card, has really grown on me over the years.  For a long time I dismissed '83 Fleer as a bland and boring set.  But in reality it's actually a very well designed set.  The colors look great in contrast to the brown, regardless of team.  This is one of only two cards I've seen to show Tim using a black bat and black batting gloves, the other is his 1983 Topps.

I like the back of this card even better than the front.  Fleer did numbering by team, and then alphabetically, so it's random that Wallach was given card number "299" which sort of looks like "29." The write up and stats combine to make for a pretty impressive card.

Fun Facts: *Wallach led NL third baseman with 151 putouts in '83
*Wallach was 4th in the NL in hit-by-pitch with 6
*There are no palm trees in Montreal, but there is one on this card

Number of this card in my collection: 8
2012 update: 48
2013 update: 69
2014 update: 79
2015 update: 100
2016 update: 106
2017 update: 108
2018 update: 123
2019 update: 169
2020 update: 206
2021 update: 224
2022 update: 1,056
2023 update: 1,063

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