Friday, April 1, 2011

1989 Donruss #156

Card Review: 9.3  The '89 Donruss set has not aged well.  It does have a few favorable things going for it though, that I believe keep it from being regarded as a complete failure.  For one, it has a Griffey rookie that every collector of that period has a pretty high opinion of, and it follows the '88 Donruss set, which may very well be the ugliest set ever made.  While a lot of this set is pretty ugly, cards of Expos in home whites came out surprisingly well given the neon green/yellow borders.

Depending on the contrast, this Wallach card looks very different from copy to copy.  On some of the darker ones, his face is nearly completely hidden in shadow.  The variances are much more noticeable than they usually are when sifting through a hundred copies or so of the same card.

Fun Facts: *Wallach was named to his 4th All-Star team in 1989
*Wallach led the NL with 42 doubles in '89
*The '89 Expos went 81-81
Number of this card in my collection: 93
2012 update: 97
2013 update: 180
2014 update: 214
2015 update: 273 
2016 update: 320
2017 update: 341
2018 update: 386
2019 update: 428
2020 update: 513
2021 update: 518
2022 update: 549
2023 update: 589
2024 update: 590

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