Saturday, October 22, 2022

Sportlots pickups


I've been very active on Sportlots of late.  It's a result of trying to fill in the few remaining gaps I still have in the Topps sets from 2008-2022.  It's been a successful effort, and I'm currently one 2014 #424 Jose Ramirez away from completing that run.  Sportlots can be a very cost effective way of purchasing cards for set builds, but you have to navigate the shipping rates.  A habit I developed years ago, is when I purchase a cards from a seller, I try to max out the number they ship at the same price.  So if they charge $1.75 for 5-10 cards and I'm buying 5 cards from 2013 Topps, I go and add 5 more Wallach cards (assuming they have some to add) to max out the shipping.  The above 227 Wallach cards are the result of the last two months of doing this.  Granted, about 75% of them came from one seller who had very reasonable rate up to 300 cards and I was buying a lot of set build needs from.  

Regardless of how I acquire these cards, they all count and go towards the total tally.

Updated Totals:

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