Friday, November 4, 2022

Ramsey, NJ

According to my account history, I've placed 137 orders going back to 2011.  A recent one I placed in an effort to fill out some final holes in the 2013 Topps set resulted in a first for me.  The seller, unknown to me at the time, was regular contributor to the blog "Max" from New Jersey.  I don't have an exact count as to how many times Max has sent me cards, but I know he's been sending them since 2011, making him one of the oldest contributors of cards.  He recognized my name and address on the Sportlots order and threw in these four Wallach cards.  As such, I'm counting this as a mailing.

Check out Max's blog "The Starting Nine," it's from way back in the old school before we all moved most our activity over to Twitter.  Can't hurt, because we may all be retreating back to the blog comment sections down the road.

Thanks for the cards Max!

Updated Totals:

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