Friday, August 19, 2011

1984 Donruss #421

Card Review: 9.2  This card, and set, has grown me great deal over the years.  At it's inception and for a long time after that I couldn't stand this card, or set design.  I always felt this set was wildly overrated due to it's scarcity compared to '84 Topps and to a lesser extent '84 Fleer.  Everyone wanted the Mattingly and Strawberry, and that drove the price up.  And back in the 80's, having a lot of "value" in the Beckett was pretty much deemed the same as being a "great set."  So it just became accepted that "1984 Donruss is a great set," even having words like "classic" and "iconic" tossed it's way.  I used to think that was the height of absurdity.  I've mellowed some on my position however.  While it still isn't my favorite design, I think it has aged well.  I've actually come to like the Tom DeLonge sea-foam green backs, and the purple and yellow front no longer bothers me.  No one will ever convince me that the photography, both photo quality and selection, is anything other than sub-par, but three decades worth of hind sight has definitely converted me on feelings on the design.  All in all, it's '84 Donruss, it's a set of significance and that's more than you can say about the vast majority of sets that have come out since.

Number of this card in my collection: 38
2012 update: 62
2013 update: 99
2014 update: 108
2015 update: 110 
2016 update: 116
2017 update: 117
2018 update: 151
2019 update: 166
2020 update: 167
2021 update: 174
2022 update: 231
2023 update: 233

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