Friday, July 20, 2012

1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality #127

Card Review:  8.1  Card is pretty much identical to the '95 Stadium Club but for the "Virtual Reality" stamp on the front and the numbers and summary on the back.  The numbers are supposed to be what they would have been if it wasn't for the Selig tantrum that canceled the end of the '94 season.  They're the same numbers Topps used for the '95 Cyber Stats with the Topps set.  Only difference is Stadium Club did a new write-up too.  Again Topps failed to mention that Wallach would have been World Series MVP.  Not everyone got this treatment apparently as this card is numbered 127, and his base card is #259.

Number of this card in my collection: 2
2015 update: 3
2016 update: n/a
2017 update: n/a
2018 update: n/a
2019 update: 5
2020 update: 6
2021 update: n/a
2022 update: 8
2023 update: n/a
2024 update: 9

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