Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1993 Topps #570

Card Review: 9.3 I've always liked the 1993 Topps design.  It's all the unecessary variations that I don't like.  The gold variants are particularly unflattering given this card's design.

1993 marks a major line of demarcation in the Topps set, as it was a huge departure from anything they'd done previously.  I can accept the changes Topps made for the '93 and '94 sets, it's where they went from there that still disappoints me.  In '95 they added the foil stamping and the cards became extremely glossy.  I think the two year window from '93-94 represents a reasonable compromise between the classic and modern cards, assuming of course, they still came with gum.

Number of this card in my collection: 18
2012 update: 25
2013 update: 70
2014 update: 84
2015 update: 115 
2016 update: 139
2017 update: 144
2018 update: 194
2019 update: 254
2020 update: 263
2021 update: 284

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