Thursday, January 19, 2012

1994 Collector's Choice #466

Card Review: 7.9  There's not a lot I can say about these Collector's Choice sets put out in the mid-90's.  For young collector's like me who liked putting together large sets and couldn't afford $3 packs, they were one of the only options.  I liked them back then, and while won't call them classics by any means now, I think they've aged relatively well.

This card features two of the more interesting Wallach photos to ever appear on cardboard. The back photograph would have made for a very interesting front.

Fun Facts: Wallach only wore #25 for one season, switching to #29 in 1994.  As 3rd base coach for the Dodgers in 2011, Wallach wore #26

Number of this card in my collection: 4
2012 update: 19
2013 update: 20
2014 update: 22
2015 update: 28 
2016 update: 39
2017 update: 40
2018 update: 44
2019 update: 45

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