Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1995 Topps #38

Card Review: 8.4   I like the '95 Topps design, I'm just not that wild about any of the 3 photos on this card.  The front is ok, but given the wealth of great looking cards in this set it's a little disappointing.  The back two are very vanilla, and I'm pretty sure that picture of him fielding is recycled from the Bazooka set, and was also used on the back of the Topps D3 card.

Fun Facts: *Tragically, and inexplicably, this Wallach's last Topps card
*Using historical precedence, there should have been a '96 Topps, '96 Topps Traded, and '97 Topps of Tim Wallach
*In '95 Tim reached the post-season for the 2nd time in his career and first time since 1981.
Number of this card in my collection: 6
2012 update: 9
2013 update: 22
2014 update: 29
2015 update: 33 
2016 update: 34
2017 update: 35
2018 update: 56
2019 update: 73
2020 update: 80
2021 update: 84
2022 update: 93

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