Thursday, April 7, 2011

1984 Fleer #291

Card Review: 7.5  I'm just not a fan of the '84 Fleer design.  Too much blue.  Seems like a set that should be given away at hospitals.  I do however very much like the back.  I don't why Fleer stopped doing the B&W photos on the backs of cards, I always like them.  I also find the tones of blue on the back less offensive for some reason.
Fun Facts: *Tim went 0 for 1 in the 1984 All-Star game.
*Tim played 160 games at 3B in '84 to lead the NL

Number of this card in my collection: 5  There just don't seem to be many out there.
2012 update: 42
2013 update: 77
2014 update: 82
2015 update: 96 
2016 update: 101
2017 update: 103
2018 update: 119
2019 update: 136

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