Thursday, May 16, 2013

1991 Fleer Ultra #210

Card Review: 7.5  I remember feeling a little bit sorry for Fleer in 1991.  It was first year they put out this "Ultra" set, which was an obvious response to the "premium" cards being put out by Upper Deck.  I'm no fan of these "premium" cards (I like my cards packed in wax, with raw cardboard backs and gum), but I still felt a little bad for Fleer.  In a vacuum this is pretty nice card.  But Topps also put out a "premium" set in '91 for the first time, and their Stadium Club set absolutely blew this and everything else out of the water.  Did Fleer know this would be the case?  I'm sure they knew Topps (and everyone else) was going to be putting out "premium" card sets, but did they have any idea just how much nicer Topps would be?  In any event, Fleer upped their ante in future editions of Ultra, and baseball cards as they had been known for the previous half-century more or less ceased to exists.

Number of this card in my collection: 22
2013 update: 27
2014 update: 40
2015 update: 61
2016 update: 67
2017 update: 72
2018 update: 83
2019 update: 92
2020 update: 100
2021 update: 102
2022 update: 108
2023 update: 121

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