Friday, March 4, 2011

1991 Bowman #437

Card Review: 8.1 I like any card with the red warm-up jersey.  This card fits that bill.  As a stand alone set, I don't care for the stats on the back of this card.  But given that there were no shortage of sets in 1991, I don't mind.  In fact I can remember spending hours analyzing the back of it as a kid.  Whenever the Expos happened to be on ESPN, or play the Braves, Mets, or Cubs (teams whose games were on my cable package), I would dig out the previous years Bowman to see what Wallach had done against the team.
Fun Facts: *Mark Gardner threw 9 innings of  no-hit baseball for the Expos on July 26, 1991.  A tenth inning single broke up the no-no.
* Two days later Dennis Martinez threw a perfect game for the Expos.
* Tim had 98 RBI's in 1991.
Number of this card in my collection: 4
2012 update: 6
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2015 update: 43
2016 update: 48
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