Saturday, January 6, 2024

Newburgh, IN

These 30 Wallach cards were sent by "Kurvach" of Newburgh, Indiana.  I believe this is the 2nd time that "Kurvach" has sent me cards, last in 2020.   If not, a very close neighbor in Newburgh sent cards in 2020.  

Included in the mix were four rookie cards (2 Fleer & 2 Topps), as well as a couple of other early 80's Wallach's.  1985 and earlier is definitely my favorite period of Wallach cards.  Understandably, I don't see many 1982 Wallach rookie cards in envelopes.  I'm not sure the extent to which modern collector's still use price guides, but in my most recent one (which is a few decades old), the '82 Wallach is still listed and the Topps is north of a dollar.  That's well short of the peaks it was hitting in the fall of '82 and '87, but still enough to separate it from about 775 of the 792 other cards in the set as far as its junk wax pedigree goes.

I also need to point out the incredible care in which these cards were sent.  Each and everyone of them was sent their own penny sleeve and "semi-rigid" top loader.  I felt guilty taking them all out, but for purposes of my storage/catalogue system I sort of had to.  Needless to say, all the cards arrived in incredibly nice condition.   

Thanks for the cards!

Updated Totals:

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