Friday, April 22, 2011

1994 Fleer #527

Card Review: 9.1 This is a very nice, clean card design from Fleer.  I'm not sure I bought any Fleer in 1994.  That's not a reflection on the set, which in retrospect I belive may be the nicest set put out in '94.  It's just that 1994 was at the tail end of my first card collecting phase, and my reduced spending on cards went nearly entirely to Topps, of which I still bought a good amount of chasing the elusive Wallach.

I remember buying more than a few packs of Fleer in '95, but I'm pretty sure I haven't bought any since.  I went through a good amount of '95 Topps and some '95 Upper Deck, and bought a handful of Topps packs in '96 and '97 before taking over a decade off from buying any cards.  Besides of course Wallach cards on ebay, which I bought throughout college and law school.  It just wasn't something I was bragging about to teammates or girls in my lecture hall. 

Fun Facts: *Tim Wallach only wore #25 for one season.
*Tim Wallach was the 1994 NL Comeback Player of the Year
*Wallach was on pace for over 100 rbi's before the strike in '94

Number of this card in my collection: 2  by 1994 there was an over-whelming amount of product, too much to keep track of, and all of the card shops I went to had long since stopped carrying "commons."  I couldn't afford to buy anywhere near all of it, and most the shops in my area didn't even carry fleer, instead focusing on high end stuff.
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